Bike Trip Summary

I’ve added pics where I have them. Here are all the trip posts.

Day 1: Macon, GA to Americus, GA

Day 2: Americus, GA to Florence Marina State Park, GA

Day 3: Georgetown, GA to Ozark, AL

Day 4: Ozark, AL to just south of AL/FL state line

Day 5: AL/FL state line to Fort Walton Beach, FL

Day 6: Fort Walton Beach, FL to Pensacola, FL

Day 7: Pensacola, FL to west of Mobile Bay, AL

Day 8: West of Mobile Bay, AL to Bay St. Louis, MS

Day 9: Bay St. Louis, MS to New Orleans, LA

Day 10: New Orleans, LA

Day 11: New Orleans, LA

Day 12: New Orleans, LA to Baton Rouge, LA

Day 13: Baton Rouge, LA to Port Barre, LA

Day 14: Port Barre, LA to Elton, LA

Day 15: Elton, LA to Lake Charles, LA

Day 16: Lake Charles, LA to Beaumont, TX

Day 17: Beaumont, TX to Houston, TX

Day 18: Houston, TX

Day 19: Houston, TX to Nelsonville, TX

Day 20: Nelsonville, TX to Bastrop State Park, TX

Day 21: Bastrop State Park, TX to Austin, TX

Day 22: Austin, TX

Day 23: Austin, TX

Day 24: Austin, TX to Portland, OR

Day 24: Austin, TX to Portland, OR

The flight to Portland took me through Phoenix. I can’t figure out why the hell anyone would want to live out in the middle of the desert. I guess the last laugh will be on them when they don’t have any water in a few years. Suckers.

From 30,000 feet the Grand Canyon and the Rockies look like toy landscape models. Except if you jump off of either one of them, it’ll kill you.

Flying over Oregon was beautiful. The pilot took us right by Mount Hood. It’s covered in snow now and towers over everything else in the Cascades. I got a nice picture from the airplane window.

Portland has amazing public transit. I took the MAX train from the airport to downtown. The great thing about it is that the train goes directly to where everyone is. There are no train stations or turnstiles or any of that business. You just step into it from the sidewalk. Ticket machines are located everywhere, and there are random inspections, but other than that it’s just based on the honor system.

I approve.

Sarah picked me up near the city center and we lugged all my crap to her apartment. I took a while to unwind, take a shower, and put on some semi-clean clothes. She took me back to the train and we rode up to the hills and walked down through the arboretum/park. Trees! Swingsets! Views!

For dinner we went to a dinner theatre and saw Stranger Than Fiction while we drank beer, ate chips and salsa, and I inhaled a turkey bacon sandwich.

This is life in Portland.

I haven’t even been here for 24 hours and I love it already.

Day 23: Austin, TX

I woke up late today and walked downtown to get some lunch and absorb some of the sights. The river / lake here is nice and there’s a neat little pedestrian bridge that meanders across it. Lots of dirt paths. Tons of joggers out.

Finally around 2 pm I got hungry and decided to eat at La Copa. My waitress there was very nice, and they weren’t busy, so we chatted for a bit. Turns out she’s in a band called Little Aurora. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to listen to them on good speakers yet, but they sound interesting.

Most of today I tried to find someone to box up my bike. Kinko’s wouldn’t do it. UPS wouldn’t do it. But the gigantic bike shop not too far from Caleth’s apartment did it. I decided to bring the bike with me on the plane instead of waiting on it to be shipped to Oregon.

Day 22: Austin, TX

I took my bike apart today. It sits in pieces on Caleth’s floor.

We went out on the town tonight. Got 3/4 lb burgers at Casino El Camino, on the recommendation by Patrick. Hit several bars afterwards until we finally ended up at a place called Headhunters. Leatherbag was playing and they were really awesome. Alt-country type stuff. After the show as I was standing outside talking to a photographer, the lead singer came up to me and gave me a copy of their album. Nice!

Caleth and I then drove up into the north hills to visit some friends of his. They were all really nice and welcomed me to Texas, except for this one girl, whom Caleth said I would like — she was being a pill. He told me I should ask her out to lunch the next day, so I did (via voicemail) and she never called back. Some people…

Anyway, we were up until about 3:30 am, enjoying the Austin night life. According to sources, Austin may have the highest amount of bars per capita of any major city in the U.S… Even if it’s not true, it seems like it.